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252Medicinal plants (herbalism) is a term referring to the practice of traditional medicine, folk medicine in certain currents of modern plants and plant extracts for healing. Football also known as botanical medicine. " Preparations include herbs, standardized extracts, herbal powders and dry parts, or even animals, fungi and algae, which are used for healing and prevention of various illnesses and the human body. Plants used for healing belong to different botanical families and they can be trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Israel, it is common to divide the Western herbs and plants of Chinese plants, but there are plants that come from the use of traditional plants in Israel Diaspora Indian tradition come (Ayurveda), and plants unique to Israel and surroundings commonly used especially among the Bedouin Arabs of the country, for healing purposes. Herbal healers and therapists are Ahrebalistem, many countries are required to undergo an orderly registration similar to doctors or pharmacists to obtain a license to engage in treating people or confection of herbs. Many plants synthesize substances that can create beneficial to human health and other animals.
Here you will find preparation for brewing herbal extracts, aromatic essential oils as well as dry plant extracts, oils, and raw materials for many different dietary supplements and cosmetics industry